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Welcome to Alrayan Services We are a UAE based online marketplace. Throughout the site, the terms “we” and “us” refers to Alrayan Services; the terms “you” and “customer”/”customers” refer the user/users. Following terms of use (User Agreement) are applicable to your use/access of Alrayan Services, its related domains, sites, apps, tools and services. By using our services, you agree to comply with these terms of use and any other terms and conditions linked or mentioned on our website, along with the privacy policy. If you don’t agree to comply with these terms of use (User Agreement) please don’t access, use or register with this site.

 Alrayan Services reserves right to change, modify, amend, add or delete these terms of use and any of their portion/part any time without prior or subsequent notice or alert. You have to follow and agree all regulations, policies, terms and conditions which Alrayan Services update/add time to time. By accessing/using our site, you also agree on severability.


To access services offered by site, we require you to register an account with us proving your personal details to Alrayan Services. You are also obliged to update your personal/account details in mean time. Contact us if you are unable to update any information. By signup, registration, sign in or providing your information, you authorize that you are solely responsible to maintain the security of your personal details: user id, password, details and all other related information/data. You ensure that crucial steps have been taken to maintain the security of account to avoid misuse. Further, we strictly prohibit to provide any kind of false information, email or another thing which may identify you as someone else.  

You are required to inform Alrayan Services immediately if you feel that the security of your account has been compromised, i.e., someone accessed or likely to access your account/password in an illicit manner. While, creating user account, you agree that we may cancel/invalidate your account, username, or password any time and are not bound to tell you a reason. In case of cancellation of account Alrayan Services will not responsible for the loss you faced/suffer. You also agree that you are bound to inform us compensate the losses we faced from/due to your account/use. We are not obliged to return you anything you have submitted to us.


To learn about our privacy structure, please read our privacy policy which directs your usage and visit to the site. If you have any objection on our privacy policy or don’t eager to comply with it, kindly don’t visit/use the site, its domains, and authorized apps. Your data you provide us or we fetched from other sources will be treated as strictly confidential, in accordance with our privacy policy agreement.

Liability and Disclaimer:

 Alrayan Services tries its best to ensure that the listed/advertised/available merchandise on the site is reputable and of top quality, however, it cannot accept any liability for any faults, low yield or low quality of the products. We disown all technical and informational mistakes and errors.  We are not accountable for any kind of personal, professional or business loss/damage including, but not limited to revenue, profit, good will, contracts, data or any other tangible or intangible harm. It is to be noted that this disclaimer is inapplicable for warranties offered by the manufacturer of the product mentioned in product details. All the services and products are delivered to you in accordance with “as available” “as is” format.


You hereby agree to indemnify and hold Alrayan Services and its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, employees, agents, contract providers, suppliers, interns and all respective officers harmless from any kind of claim, demand, and attorney/advocate fee made by any third party or penalty imposed due to or arising out of your breach of these terms of use or documents they incorporate by reference, your violation of any law, rules and regulations or rights of a third party.

Access to Site and User Conduct:

You must be of 18 to get benefit from our services/products or should use our services under the supervision of your guardian. We make sure that you can visit or use our website consistently and without any kind of interruption, though it couldn’t be guaranteed. We may suspend the access to the site for various reasons including, yet not limited to, repair, maintenance, and update. Business entities make sure that they will comply with all online trading rules and regulations. We don’t allow anyone to register more than once at our website.


We prohibit any kind of commercial or third party use of our website, except for those whom allowed in advance. We don’t allow to:

  • Alter or modify any portion of the site in any manner
  • Change or sell the site or its content
  • Downloading, duplicating, copying, reproduction or any other type of exploitation of any information for any commercial/business purpose
  • Any kind of spiders, rebots, avatars, data mining or any other type of data extraction tools
  • Use, sell, copy, enclose, frame our trademark, logo, copyright images, text, layout and metatext
  • Illegal access, interfere or damage networks/systems connected to Alrayan Services and its services.
  • Disrupt our site through malware, virus, or other malicious content which may hinder our services, exploit our user and customers or could damage us in any way.
  • Use website for offensive, fraudulent or any other criminal or illegal purpose.
  •  Create chaos, frustration, inconvenience or anxiety through/at our website.

We strictly ban to promote all kinds of abusive, offensive, harassing, misleading, blasphemous, defamatory, absence, pornographic, indecent, money-laundering, gambling, threatening, disgusting material and campaigns at or through our site, its apps and subdomains. If you find any objectionable/harassing content on our website, please make sure to notify us immediately on provided email. Don’t forget to mention your name, contact info, details of objectionable contents and posting party and other relevant information. Remember incomplete information will make your claim invalid and unusable for legal motives.   


You can only use one voucher/coupon to buy a single product or for one transaction.  

Cancellation of Order or Promotion:

We can cancel any order for any reason at any given time, for any cancellation, we are not accountable to you.  PlugnPoint also reserves right to cancel any promotional code, voucher or coupon if found something suspicious against the user.

Accuracy of Information:

We try our utmost to provide you accurate data, including content, prices, specifications and description. But, we don’t guarantee 100% accuracy. Twice check the details and manufacturer’s/seller’s credibility and also contact them to confirm the accuracy of data. We are not liable for any inaccurate information.

Always read the term of use before accessing the site. If you don’t agree to our terms of use, service and policy, kindly don’t use our website.

Do you have any question regarding Privacy Policy? Send us a message, we will try utmost to mitigate your confusion.